Sun.May 21, 2023

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Acquisition Cost — Everything You Should Know

Procurement Tactics

18 Must-Have Negotiation Skills For Procurement Professionals Download Course Details →  Or receive our famous weekly newsletter Acquisition Cost — Everything You Should Know Acquisition cost helps businesses to accurately track the total cost of acquiring an asset. However, what is it? In this article, we will discuss what acquisition cost means.

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[Pod] Getting to Know Should-Cost Analysis w/ Yushiro Kato

Art of Procurement

“Should-cost analysis is just a tool. Even if you have a clear breakdown, if you do not have a good. The post [Pod] Getting to Know Should-Cost Analysis w/ Yushiro Kato appeared first on Art of Procurement.


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Post-Brexit Woes for UK Car Makers

Procurement Bulletin

Post-Brexit Woes for UK Car Makers A post-Brexit requirement by the EU requires 40% of electric vehicle parts to be sourced from the UK or EU, specifically for vehicle to be sold within the EU. Otherwise, those sales are hit with a 10% tariff. However, currently auto manufacturers are still importing the majority of batteries from Asia and won’t be able to comply in time for when these rules come into effect.

Risk 94
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U.S.-Led Pacific Trade Talks Close to Reaching Supply Chains Pact

Supply Chain Brain

Negotiators would reportedly like to announce an agreement regarding Indo-Pacific trade talks at a meeting of ministers taking place in Detroit on May 27.

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Manufacturing Sustainability Surge: Your Guide to Data-Driven Energy Optimization & Decarbonization

Speaker: Kevin Kai Wong, President of Emergent Energy Solutions

In today's industrial landscape, the pursuit of sustainable energy optimization and decarbonization has become paramount. Manufacturing corporations across the U.S. are facing the urgent need to align with decarbonization goals while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, the lack of comprehensive energy data poses a significant challenge for manufacturing managers striving to meet their targets.

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Understanding Procurement As A Service

Procurement Freelancers

An innovative procurement technique known as “procurement as a service” is changing how businesses of… The post Understanding Procurement As A Service first appeared on Procurement Blog | Procurement & Supply Chain News.

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Microchip Supply and Demand: Aiming at an Ever-Shifting Target

Supply Chain Brain

Even the world’s best archer has trouble hitting the bullseye if the target won’t stand still.

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U.K. Lays Out £1bn Plan to Invest in Domestic Chip Sector

Supply Chain Brain

Britain plans to focus its investments on areas where the nation already has an advantage like research and design, according to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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Strategies for Managing Port Congestion and Container Shortages

Supply Chain Brain

Companies around the world must adopt new strategies to limit supply chain disruptions.