Sun.Apr 21, 2024

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A visual illustration of vendor rationalization

Procurement Insights

You go to two different grocery stores – Store A and Store B. Which product do you buy? Store A Store B Beyond price, which one of the two provides the best value? Now, how would you respond if you were told that you could only buy from Store B because they are a preferred store? Vendor Irrationalization Before answering that question, read the following excerpt from an April 2009 paper, “Utilizing an Intelligent Filtering Platform to Enhance Contract Performance (A Procurement Insig

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Overcoming Procurement’s Fear of AI

Art of Procurement

“I think we are headed for human-centered AI where we have the human at the core, and you are going. The post Overcoming Procurement’s Fear of AI appeared first on Art of Procurement.

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Dealing with Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse

Procurement Bulletin

Dealing with Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse Supply chains just can’t catch a break. After obstacles resulting from the pandemic, the recent Baltimore bridge disaster is sending logistics and supply chains that go through Baltimore’s port scrambling to figure out work arounds to get supply moving again. It’s not been easy. The trucking industry has been hit hard by the bridge collapse.