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How can the Lean Six Sigma methodology be applied to Supply Chain problems?

All Things Supply Chain

The first mentions of Lean Six Sigma date back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. Increase of practical application of “combined methodology”, resulted in creation of the theoretical concept…

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Lean Supply Chain Management or Agile? Here's How to Achieve Both

Supply Chain Brain

Can global supply chains be both agile and lean? With the right kind of digital transformation, the answer is yes.


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Agile Methodology in Procurement: A Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Management


Agile Procurement involves a new way of thinking. However, there […] The post Agile Methodology in Procurement: A Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Management appeared first on ProcurePort Blog. It promotes flexible sourcing and working closely with suppliers.

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Agile vs Lean Supply Chain: What’s the Difference?


Did you know that only 22 percent of companies have a proactive supply chain network? That’s why in today’s fast-paced global economy, it’s more important than ever to make sure your supply chain is efficient and reliable. . Let’s take a look at each of these supply chain management methods. .

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Building Supply Chain Resilience in the Real World

Speaker: Kelly Barner - Co-Founder & Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Since 2020, procurement and supply chain professionals have faced an unprecedented set of challenges. The pandemic was just the start.

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Lean Hogs Prices – Historical Graph [Realtime Updates]

Procurement Tactics

Lean Hogs Prices – Historical Graph Realtime chart of historical daily lean hogs prices. The average price in the past 3 days is The average price in the past 7 days is The average price in the past 30 days is The average price in the past 365 days is Popular questions about lean hogs prices: Why are lean hogs prices fluctuating?

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Agile procurement vs. traditional procurement


Many businesses have experienced supply chain disruptions recently. Find out if your organization needs to switch from Traditional to Agile procurement. The post Agile procurement vs. traditional procurement appeared first on RFP360.

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CEVA Logistics Drives Agile, Multi-Leg Inbound Flows for Tech Company

CEVA Logistics, a global leader in third-party logistics, was contracted to help a technology company manage its complex supply chain, supporting B2B, B2C, and reverse flows across multi-leg transport.

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TMS+: Go Beyond Transport to Optimize Cost, Service, & Resiliency

In the aftermath of the pandemic, supply chain inadequacies have been revealed in a new and stark light. Most found themselves ill-prepared for the magnitude of disruption in supply and demand, followed soon after by political unrest, labor and material shortages, and sharp inflation.

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Digital Transformation: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

Brittle supply chains, fragmented systems landscapes, unreliable and inaccurate data, as well as poorly managed IT and business networks are consistently reported as top concerns, which is why executives are increasingly prioritizing digital transformation.

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Supply Chain Orchestration: A New Era in Supply Chain Management

When the only certainty is uncertainty, what does that mean for today’s supply chain management approaches? This eBook delves into how supply chain orchestration can help businesses unlock agility, transparency, intelligence, and trust across their end-to-end supply chain.

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The Great Supply Chain Gear-Up: Sustainability and Agility for 2023

Speaker: Peter Kraemer, Chief Supply Officer of Anheuser-Busch InBev

The past few years have shown us that nothing is constant in the supply chain industry. Innovation through exploration, development, and scaling of technology has enabled markets across the globe to remain agile while responding to challenging times. In fact, change is inevitable.

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2023 Procurement Planning: How Shippers Can Navigate Disruption With More Agile Strategies

In 2023, shippers have an opportunity to reimagine their supply chain operations so they’re well equipped to navigate any future disruption. Download our agile procurement ebook for a guide to the tactics and tech solutions shippers are approaching to evolve their current strategies.

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The New Tech Toolbelt: Digital Twins, IoT, Cobots, & More

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

From limited visibility and a lack of real-time data to a lack of agility and responsiveness to changing market conditions, there's no shortage of difficulties that today's supply chain professionals can encounter. What can be done to not only address these challenges, but overcome them?