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New Inventory Visibility and Collaboration Capabilities Enhance Ivalua’s Procure-to-Pay Solution


The solution streamlines and automates the management of inventory levels, the stock replenishment process and collaboration with suppliers for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), addressing both indirect spend and direct materials needs. Increase supplier autonomy on replenishment orders within the agreed boundaries (i.e.,

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Only a Quarter of Suppliers Use Real-Time Tracking Tools to Manage Cargo

Supply Chain Brain

Just 25% of suppliers use real-time shipping visibility tools even though 73% of supply chain professionals say real-time shipment visibility is a “must-have” feature.


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UltraShipTMS Integrates MacroPoint for Superior Shipment Visibility

Supply Chain Collaborator

The MacroPoint solution, already in popular use among more than half a million carrier organizations, uses drivers’ cell phones to automate shipment status updates, in transit check calls and other critical logistics notifications. As a result, shipping via these carriers meant less visibility to shipments in transit.

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FourKites Acquires Haven Inc., Introduces End-to-End Visibility Platform for International Ocean Shipment Visibility

Supply Chain Brain

FourKites, a provider of real-time supply chain visibility solutions, recently announced its acquisition of Haven, Inc., and the introduction of Dynamic OceanSM, an end-to-end visibility solution for international ocean shipments.

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Hot Off the Grill: Optimizing Summer Supply Chains for Seasonal Staples

Speaker: Glenn Koepke and Steve Rotter

This webinar – coming to you from Glenn’s own backyard – discusses the importance of supply chain visibility for seasonal shipping, new product promotions, and holiday ramping in the F&B and retail industries while providing sizzling secrets to creating the juiciest meats for your barbecue.

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Real-time IT: Gaining ground in supply chain and logistics

All Things Supply Chain

Complex processes demand ever faster response times and decisions across the entire supply chain. The concept of real-time IT is becoming a key theme, especially in the business sector of…

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The missing link: Why visibility is essential to creating a resilient supply chain

IBM Supply Chain Blog

Supply chain visibility has been the missing link since the shockwaves of 2020 rippled throughout the world and consumers felt the impacts of broad-based supply chain issues. But what does supply chain visibility mean? And since one of the major drivers of resiliency is visibility, you can see where this problem takes root.

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The New Tech Toolbelt: Digital Twins, IoT, Cobots, & More

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

From limited visibility and a lack of real-time data to a lack of agility and responsiveness to changing market conditions, there's no shortage of difficulties that today's supply chain professionals can encounter. What can be done to not only address these challenges, but overcome them?

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Return to Success: Streamlining Returns in the Supply Chain for Enhanced Efficiency

Speaker: Cathy Morrow Roberson, Research Manager for the Reverse Logistics Association

Businesses need to leverage advanced tracking systems and data analytics to identify bottlenecks and improve supply chain visibility. In today's competitive business landscape, providing a seamless return experience and maintaining an efficient supply chain are critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty.