Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

DSV is one of the biggest names in transport and logistics, operating in over 90 countries with a global network of over 75,000 employees. After having opened a new warehouse in Johannesburg - the largest integrated logistics center on the continent - a multi-national FMCG Healthcare company approached DSV South Africa (SA) for services across the end-to-end supply chain. Supporting inbound freight management, outbound flows, domestic distribution, and storage and value-added services would require all three of DSV’s multi-national business units to participate. At the time, each unit had its own team operating according to their own systems and processes.

The ambitious project would require extensive visibility and seamless coordination across expansive and dynamic networks. As a customer of Kinaxis’s end-to-end logistics and transportation management system, which is used at the DSV Solutions sites in Europe, DSV reached out to Kinaxis to develop a global supply chain control tower solution that would meet those needs in South Africa.

Through this case study you'll discover:

  • How DSV dealt with the challenge of connecting people, systems, and processes
  • The highly regulated and highly complex nature of the FMCG sector in which DSV's customer operated
  • How DSV found the flexibility to evolve a solution according to their client's developing needs
  • How, using the global control tower, DSV coordinated business units through smart automation
  • How breaking down silos across the supply chain enabled a 22% improvement in vehicle utilization, a 76% decrease in resolution response times for multi-supplier queries, and more

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